We Understand You.

Chronic pain is a debilitating and life altering condition, which can negatively affect every aspect of a sufferer’s life. Individuals in pain commonly lose the ability to satisfactorily perform their normal daily activities resulting in isolation, depression, anxiety and insomnia. The joys of life are distorted and the only focus is on the pain itself. Many feel their doctors lack empathy and do not take them or their pain seriously. These feelings are intensified when patients have tried surgery and other available invasive treatments only to have their pain level persist or even become worse. At Realief Pain Clinic, we understand. It is our mission is to help our patients relieve their pain and suffering in a caring, non-judgmental environment. Our clinic treats patients with dignity and respect. Our sincere goal is to help patients return to things in life that matter most to them.

Clinical Team

Dr. Alfred V. Anderson, M.D.,D.C.
Managing Physician and Medical Director

Dr. Alfred V. AndersonDr. Alfred V. Anderson, M.D., D.C., is the owner and Medical Director of Realief Medical Pain Clinic. Dr. Anderson successfully owned and operated Medical Pain Management, P.A. for 34 years. Dr. Anderson is a past president of the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice and was a member for over 8 years. He is a fellow of the Federation of State Medical Boards. He is past president and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the American Academy of Pain Management. Dr. Anderson has provided expert witness testimony to the MN State Senate for the MN Board of Medical Practice regarding medical law. He is an author of multiple peer reviewed articles and section editor of the seventh edition of Weiner’s Pain Management. Dr. Anderson was inducted into the Minnesota Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004 for his performance in entertainment arts and contribution as a member of the Tornados. He is a pilot, motorcycle enthusiast and devoted husband.

Dr. Timothy Kelm, D.C.
Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine

Dr. Timothy Kelm, D.C.Dr. Timothy Kelm conducted the initial applied research that lead to the development of the Realief™ Therapy. Through over six years of development, he identified the variables involved with the application of a Class IV therapeutic laser to treat the particularly complex biology of peripheral neuropathy nerve damage. Dr. Kelm was crucial in designing the therapy to consistently relieve the pain, numbness, tingling, burning, and balance issues of this chronic condition. He is also actively involved in managing ongoing applied research in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy and other chronic pain conditions. Dr. Kelm is responsible for training of all Realief franchise providers. In his spare time, Dr. Kelm enjoys reading, developing new skills, tinkering in home repair and spending time with his family.

Tammie Porras RN, ANP-BC
Registered Nurse, Board Certified Adult Nurse Practitioner

porrasTammie Porras is the lead nurse practitioner for Realief Therapy. Ms. Porras began her career as a registered nurse at Fairview-University Medical Center in Minneapolis. She received her Master of Arts in Nursing in 2006. Since that time, Tammie has specialized in serving the needs of complex chronic pain patients. She is known for her patient care and attention to detail. As a certified Realief Therapy Provider, Tammy delivers Realief’s ground breaking technology to patients who suffer from peripheral neuropathy. Her mission is to make this treatment available for as many Peripheral Neuropathy patients as possible. Tammie enjoys boating, and spending time outdoors and with her family.